Why Susan cut up our bedding!

20 July 2015


Repurposing Duvet Sets! 



We love nothing more than seeing our customers getting creative with our products, and that’s just what Susan Browne from Tralee has done! We came across Susan’s project on Instagram and instantly fell in love with it. We decided to contact Susan and ask her a little more about it.


“I was looking for material with a nautical theme to make them. Last week when my mom and I were in Harry Corry in Tralee, we spotted the perfect solution in the window display. Your harbour side boatyard single duvet cover provided us with enough material to cover 12 cushions!”


Instead of buying filled cushions or cushion covers, Susan, her mother and her boyfriend Terry spent time making these using the material from the Boatyard duvet set. The boatyard single duvet set provided them with enough material to make 12 cushions. You read that right, 12! Susan informed us that she hasn't finished making them all yet, but they are enjoying the project.



This looks like a lot of fun, maybe we'll have a try at it ourselves in the near future. Here's a shot of some of the cushions that Susan, her mum and Terry have made so far using the sewing machine method.


We love seeing what people can do with our products, we previously showcased a dress made from a pair of our curtains and offer tips on how to repurpose products, so it's time to get creative! If you do have any projects using our products feel free to send them over to us, we really do enjoy seeing them! 

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