The Art of the Perfect Interior…

15 May 2013

Wall Art

Once the preserve of the super rich and landed gentry, wall art is no longer seen as something that hangs only in stately homes and royal palaces. It’s always been a bit of a luxury, more often than not a statement piece or an investment that becomes the focal point of any décor scheme.

Not anymore! Harry Corry makes statement wall art, whether on canvas or contemporary glass, not only affordable but also something you can change up easily and inexpensively, whether you’re looking to freshen up an existing look, provide a focal point or find inspiration for something completely different. Harry Corry have a selection of pieces to suit almost every room in the house – even the littlest one! So you can bring the look home for less!

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The littlest room: the perfect focal point to brighten up a downstairs bathroom, this Beach Hut canvas wall art is fresh and modern. If you have room, complement it with a couple of these funky Westward Truro cushions to bring the British seaside home all year round. And the cost of this revamp is little too - Wall art £5 and 2 cushions @ £5 each = £20!

Living room: At 60” x 80”, this is a statement piece without the price tag! This contemporary glass wall art brings a touch of drama to an otherwise relaxed interior – use it to bring life to cream or magnolia walls and bring it to life at night in the soft light of this Amber pendant. You can pick up both for less than £25!

Bedroom: Studies have shown that pictures of plants and greenery in the bedroom can aid relaxation and sleep. If yours is a traditional room, you can add vibrancy with this impressionist style art flowers canvas wall art. Or if you’re looking for something more contemporary, we love the unusual detail in this Flower Green canvas wall art. Both just £5 each.
Girls room: Little girls will love this Minnie Mouse wall art - a super snip at £1.60! While older girls will love this pretty From me to You canvas – at £1.60, you could team it with some of these Poppy cushion covers for an instant update. The more sophisticated teen will love this Hearts wall art - which is both pretty and grown up in equal measure.

Kitchen: We’ve been cupcake crazy recently here at Harry Corry, so we’re loving this very contemporary Cupcake canvas wall art. Fun and foodie, team it with accessories like this spotty pink bin and Spots wallpaper to bring a touch of eclectic girly glamour to your kitchen. Cupcake Wall art just £5.99.

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