Want to join Club Tropicana? Harry Corry can get you in

02 July 2013

Catia Red Duvet Cover

Let Harry Corry take you to the place where membership’s a smiling face…

…brush shoulders with the stars… where strangers take you by the hand and welcome you to wonderland… from beneath their duvets!

Club Tropicana drinks are free… because you can get them from your own fridge, and fun and sunshine? There’s enough for everyone!

And, ladies, didn’t Mr Michael look more than a little appealing lounging by the pool??  

But the very best thing about Harry Corry’s tropical beach club? You don’t have to leave home to enjoy it!

You can create your very own paradise with a little imagination – and an even smaller budget!

•    Start with colour and be bold – think sunny yellows, lime greens, dazzling pinks and bright purples.  This Catia duvet cover is light and bright, and you can add more co-ordinating colour with cushions and throws.

•    Deep pinks and deeper purples are the boldest way to set the scene and will really bring the temperature up.  This Isabella duvet cover makes a bold statement and when you want to tone things down a little, you can relax with the sharp, cool stripes.

•    Throw in a riot of bold tones: we’re talking oranges, greens, reds and yellows – if you really want make a statement, make it neon!   Start with this Joelle green duvet set and dress it up with throws in lime green, plum and teal – you’ll find lots of ideas here.

•    If you want a gentler tropical flavour but still want to bring lots of warmth to your room, The Saturn Heather duvet set is perfect. The warm cream almost sunny yellow tones are the perfect backdrop, with gold suns and purple florals adding just the right amount of heat. Complete the look with these Preston lined heather curtains - right now with 50% off all sizes!

We’d love to hear how you’re bringing the sunshine into your home this summer – and what have been your favourite summer buys from Harry Corry – tell us over at Facebook.