The Host With The Most

11 August 2015

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 The Host With The Most



Our smallest efforts are always delivered to our guest rooms, when not being used by guests they tend to be filled with underused exercise machines and broken furniture. A guest room can easily bring the image of your home up a notch with a few simple efforts.

1.       If you often find yourself with multiple overnight guests style your room with two matching twin beds rather than a single full sized bed.

2.       If your guest is suddenly staying longer than expected you may want to have a side table or console table for them to keep their things neat and tidy.

3.     Never have your guests running about the house fumbling for that post-it note with the Wi-Fi code on it, keep your Wi-Fi network name and password framed in the room, that way they’ll never come asking.

4.      While a table lamp is an essential for a night stand, you can still dress it up with minuscule changes. Add an old wallet and some loose change for a stylistic look

5.      A carafe of water, or even just a few bottles is a great touch to a night stand. It keeps your guests from rummaging through your kitchen for glasses and water in the middle of the night.

If your guests want to come back then you might just be doing it right! If you never hear from them again then maybe you are doing something wrong. Either way, this tips ensure that your guest room will be a cut above the rest.