TAKKER: Wall Hangings In A Shot!

25 January 2016


Take the hassle and complication out of hanging pictures, mirrors and other items and try Takker today. This product burst on to the market after a successful appearance on Ireland's Dragons Den. Takker is also the Official Supplier of Peter Andre's 60 Minute Makeover

Using The TAKKER Picture Hanging Device 


Suitable for hanging pictures up to 10 Kgs 

Takker is also perfect for temporary shop displays, galleries, exhibitions and more. No other tools are required to complete the job. Nail free instant wall hanging. 

BUY: TAKKER Picture Hanging Device 

Using The TAKKER Hard Wall Hanging Device 


BUY: TAKKER Hardwall Hanging Kit 


The Hardwall Takker is ideal for hanging pictures, mirrors and much more to any hard wall surface in seconds. The hand powered device is suitable for pictures and mirrors up to 12kgs/27lbs and canvas prints of all sizes.

A simple replacement to electric drills, screwdrivers, screws, wall plugs, hammers, nails and stress! 

You can now hang pictures, mirrors and household items up in seconds onto ANY hard wall materials:

 - Brick

 - Concrete blocks

 - Mortar

 - Plaster

 - Wood

 - Ceramic tiles 

Hardwall Takker Uses

Takker Demonstration
Use Takker for hanging items in the home, garden and workplace.
Suitable for Pictures and Canvas prints, Mirrors and Clocks, Cards and Decorations, Memo Boards, Kitchen Utensils, Bathroom Accessories, Hanging Plant Pots and Objects on outside walls.


Tips From Takker

1. When you receive your Takker, DO read the instructions carefully on the back of your Takker packaging. This gives instructions on how to position a Takk for accurate picture hanging, how to fit a Takk and how to remove a Takk from your wall or surface.

2. DO practice inserting a Takk into your wall or surface before your first hanging job.

3. Always ensure the Takk is fully flush against the surface before hanging your item. If the Takk is not flush on the first attempt, hit the plunger again firmly with the palm of your hand until flush, however be careful NOT to pull the plunger out so far that it re-loads another Takk. 


How to Replace the Drill Bit

  • Step 1: Hold the Hardwall Takker in one hand and compress the floating base to reveal the drill bit. Using a pair of pliars, grip the end of the drill bit and lever upwards against the Hardwall Takker to release the drill bit and then pull upwards to remove. Dispose of the used drill bit responsibly.
  • Step 2: Insert the new drill bit by sliding the flat end of the drill bit into the hole at the bottom of the floating base. Push up and twist until it locates into the housing. To ensure it is fully located place the Hardwall Takker upright against a hard surface and push down until the drill bit tip is level with the floating base when fully extended.
  • Step 3: You are now ready for your next hanging task.