Spring Into Summer

08 May 2015

spring clean spring in to summer

Spring is slowly coming to a close as the summer months journey in, but don’t fret, Spring styling isn’t over yet. At this time of the year spring styles can be salvaged by balanced the fresh floral tones with sandy bright summer tones.

To achieve the spring/summer look we have focused on fresh and bright as our feeling. We took our Paige eyelet curtains which feature light tones of cream and beige topped by a strong red floral pattern.

We then focused on what sort of furniture we thought would look great in this colour palette. Our Epsom console table stood out to us as a top contender, this table features a refurbished off-white painted wood effect topped by a panel of rustic oak.

We added our Stamford wicker furniture to this scene as its off-white painted effect matching that of the tones in the curtains and the Epsom console table.

The Hereford boudoir chair was the centre piece of our scene, it held all the tones of white, cream and beige spread throughout the rest of the room. To top of the colour balance for our central piece we added the matching Paige cushion cover.

To finish of the room setting we placed the Augusta table lamp, the Bone China tea light holder and the White Ceramic picture frame.

See images below for final results.