Sleep Is the Best Meditiation

29 September 2015

Sleep Blog

We spend a third of our lives sleeping. That means say, if you live till you’re 90 you will probably spend around 30 years asleep. With sleep so important to us it’s vital we get it right.  

Following the tips below will ensure you drift off to a dreamy sleep and rise and shine in the morning ready to take on the day ahead!

Heavy tog duvet: 

I’m sure the majority of us have begun to feel the chilly (freezing!) nights creeping in, the frost hasn’t quite began to settle on the windows but it’s certainly getting there!

You can’t have sweet dreams without a dream duvet. A heavy tog duvet will ensure any chill is kept at bay. We suggest perhaps a microfibre 15 tog duvet or a 13.5 tog luxury bamboo duvet.


Mattress Protector

A good mattress protector is not only practical, it’s for your comfort too. A lot of people forget this simple ingredient to a great night’s sleep. A good, fleece Mattress protector or mattress enhancer will really boost your beauty sleep and you will notice the different straight away.


There are plenty of pillow options out there to choose from. Whether Ultra bounce is your thing, anti-allergy or memory foam you are bound to find a pillow to rest your head on and catch your forty winks.


Blackout blinds and curtains

Nobody wants cars or street lights disrupting their dreams. A blackout blind or curtain will stop any beam of light entering their bedroom. This is particularly important to shift workers, if you have young children or even if you feel like a cheeky afternoon siesta!


Top Tip: Throws

Keep a basket of throws at the bottom of your bed so if on a particularly nippy night, you have some extra layers to keep you snug, they’ll look great too!