How to get a good night’s sleep by Sleep Doctor, Harry Corry!

17 April 2013

Duvet Covers

According to recent research, over half of us complain about not getting a good night’s sleep at least a few nights each week. In most cases, that’s simply due to the stresses of everyday life, making it impossible to unwind from a busy day when your mind is racing when it should be relaxing!

And far from being beneficial just for its feel good factor, sleep is absolutely essential to your overall health. Too little, particularly over a prolonged period, can induce sleepiness that will interfere with your day, as well as making you moody, irritable and forgetful! But there’s a lot you can do help make sure you get a great night’s sleep – and that starts where it matters most – in bed!

The Perfect Bed  

So first things first – you need to fall in love with your bed all over again! That means building it from the duvet down to make sure it not only looks great but makes you dream about it all day long…

1. Whatever the season, start by selecting some attractive cushions to dress your bed. By some, we mean overstuffed and as many as possible arranged comfortably in eye-catching piles! Whatever your colour scheme, go with matching shades and contrasting textures and patterns to make your bed visually appealing. See all our cushions with many special offers on filled cushions.  

2. There’s much more than aesthetics to selecting the perfect duvet. The temperature has to be right for you to get a good night’s sleep, so check your TOG rating! Too low and you’ll shiver, too high and you’re going to have a clammy night. In summer, most people prefer something around the 4.5 tog mark, while in winter you can go right up to 15. 15 TOG is the highest available and more than enough to cope with the coldest snaps. Plus, these new duvets feel surprisingly light, so you get all the warmth without the weight. And while feather duvets are the ultimate in luxury, they’re not suitable for all. Hollowfibre will give just as good warmth without triggering any allergies. Choose yours from our fabulous selection of duvets.   

3. Cool, crisp cotton sheets are one of life’s little pleasures – a delight to slide in between and crucial to ultimate comfort! Fitted sheets are easy for quick changes, while many sticklers for hospital corners prefer the neat finish that comes with flat sheets. If you’re all about the cosy, go for super soft flannelette, which helps you to stay cool when it’s warm and vice versa. Traditionalists prefer perfect percale sheets with matching pillowcases, also available from Harry Corry.  

4. Studies have shown that colour can have an impact on your mood and sleeping pattern. To create your own sleep sanctuary opt for duvet covers in tranquil colours like our Eton Green duvet cover. Green is said to create feelings of serenity and is a good colour for stress reduction. Alternatively, a blue duvet cover such as the Victoria Blue Bed in a Bag is said to encourage daydreaming, and signals the brain to release soothing hormones. 

5. Pillow and mattress protectors are useful for a few good reasons – they’ll keep your bed and pillows in better shape for longer and they can enhance the comfort factor. Mattress protectors are particularly useful if you have kids or a penchant for breakfast in bed… mind those spills! Harry Corry has a variety of both in all price ranges and you can choose from fleece or quilted options – comfy!

6. Particular about pillows?? Most people are! When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, it’s worth investing in pillows that support your neck and spine through the night – so preventing any potential long term damage! It’s worth doing your research whatever your price range – you can browse our entire selection online at including orthopaedic and memory foam, and squeeze them all instore  - ask our advisors which is right for you! 

And that’s your bed made! Enjoy! 

Visit us online to find more hints and tips or call in-store where our experts are ready to advise you on a good night’s sleep.