How Often Do You Count Sheep to Get to Sleep?

07 March 2013

For some people, a good night’s sleep is just a natural part of their daily routine but for others, it is elusive and unheard of – something they can only dream of.  Recent figures suggest that 70% of Britons are now sleeping less than seven hours a night instead of the recommended 8 and more than a quarter (27%) claim to experience poor quality sleep on a regular basis.  

Here at Harry Corry, we think that getting a good night’s sleep is too important an issue to ignore.  So, with Sleep Awareness Week taking place this week (3rd – 10th March), we’ve teamed up with Dr. Chris Idzikowski, sleep expert and founder of the British Sleep Council to create the “Good Sleep Guide” which is available to download at  

The Harry Corry Good Sleep Guide outlines all the factors that have an impact on sleep, including your environment, your mentality towards sleep and your behaviours and habits.  Although some of the advice dished out by Dr. Idzikowski may sound familiar, there are a few facts that may take you by surprise.  For example, did you know that putting a plant in your room can help aid sleep?  Or that it is considered bad “Feng Shui” to sleep with your feet facing the door?  Other highlights include the following:

•    People tend to be either like “owls” or “larks” depending on the amount of light they are exposed to
•    Smart phones and tablets should be avoided when you are trying to settle down to sleep for the night
•    The best position for a good night’s sleep is to lie on your side, with your head resting on one pillow and tucked between your legs

Speaking at the launch of the Good Sleep Guide in Belfast, Dr Idzikowski said: “We all crave a better night’s sleep, and our guide will hopefully help the people of Northern Ireland get a better night’s rest.

Mark Corry, Marketing Manager for Harry Corry, added: “Customers across our stores are often asking our staff for tips on how to get a better night’s sleep, so we decided to team up with Dr Idzikowski to create the Good Sleep Guide.

“It’s available on our website as a free download now, so if you’re struggling to switch off at night or you’d just like some ideas on getting a better sleep, visit and take advantage of Dr Idzikowski’s advice.”

“Sleep is a subject that I’m incredibly passionate about and I’m delighted to team up with Harry Corry to create this report – I hope as many people as possible download it and use it!” 

Here at Harry Corry, we have all the ingredients to create your very own sleep sanctuary; from our stunning range of ready-made bedroom curtains, an assortment of anti-allergy pillows, duvets and mattress protectors, as well as a colourful variety of duvet cover sets and beautiful wall canvases. 

Download the Harry Corry Good Sleep Guide now or to view our full range of home furnishings, visit or call in store where our staff will be happy to help you find everything you need to get your full 8 hours a night.

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