Revamp Your Room...With Wallpaper!

28 October 2015

Revamp Your Room







There are plenty of advantages to using wallpaper over just painting your walls. Think of the choices wallpaper gives you over paint, no solid block colour here…just style, variety and personality!


Wallpaper can help give a new feel and look to your surroundings, if you’re not quite brave enough just yet to wallpaper an entire room, or perhaps your favourite wallpaper would be a tad over bearing on all 4 walls, think about a feature wall to help give a space of colour and detail without spoiling a good space.


A feature wall is there for the eye to focus on, it could be covered in a vast amount of picture frames, or wall art which is great, but we feel wallpaper is the simplest, quickest and easiest way to create a stunning and professional look.

If you think a feature way is the way forward, think about your furniture and other accessories in the room before diving straight in. If you’re hoping to keep it as inexpensive as possible, use wallpaper that already matches your existing furniture, curtains or bedding you may already love.


If you have a large enough room, you may consider a darker shaded wallpaper. If this is the case we recommend thinking about your lighting also. Beautiful wallpaper should be shown off so make sure it’s not kept in the dark! A tall, sleek floor lamp would be just the thing to brighten it up! 


If you’re brave enough, why not choose some cute novelty wallpaper to decorate your bedroom, or kid’s room. We thought the Dog wallpaper above is perfect for all the pooch lovers out there and would really show off your personality!