Relax! Your guide to making the most of Duvet Days...

20 March 2013

Duvet Days

Yes, spring may be in the air and the days have a little bit of a stretch in them, but there are still plenty of opportunities to snuggle up when the rain falls and the wind blows... check out our guide to getting down with your duvet...

If you’re lucky enough to have an enlightened employer, you might have a few duvet days written into your contract – casual opportunities to duck work without having to book time off. Even if you’re not that lucky, many of us have adopted the practice informally, diving under the covers when things get a little too much and a day spent lounging is the only answer to work woes! 

On the other hand, if you’re a conscientious employee who would never DREAM of such frivolities, it’s even more important that you have comfort and cosiness covered – a good night’s rest is key to making sure you’re at your most productive and effective!

Whatever your favourite kind of day-off-day, it doesn’t defeat the spontaneity to be duvet ready. It just means you can be infinitely more comfortable when you do decide you’ve had enough, ensuring you get the full re-invigorating and re-energising benefit!  

Begin with a cosy fleece under blanket. This one is 100% fleece, adds extra support and is thermal – a touch of luxury to cushion your weary bones! Top off your under blanket with this percale ivory fitted sheet, which is extra deep to ensure it fits your extra comfy mattress perfectly, and has a high thread count to give a luxury hotel feel. 

Next, add some pillows – we recommend this luxurious twin pack, which is on the money in terms of both price and comfort – making it tempting to buy two packs and pile them high! Oversized and filled with non-allergenic hollow fibre, they also look great when you’re dressing your bed for effect – pick out some unusual, showpiece pillow shams to complement and contrast with your duvet set.

And so to the most important item... the duvet! You need something that envelopes you and provides warmth without adding weight. This 13.5 tog duvet is just the ticket, practically at the top of the warmth rating scale without being heavy, you’ll love how it feels – and looks!

Dress it up with this gorgeous Adare duvet set, complete with matching mink cushion and runner, it’s the easy and inexpensive way to freshen up your bedroom.  

After all, you work hard for your money – make it work for you ;-) 

How do you spend you Duvet Day? Share your ‘Duvet Day’ tips on Facebook or pop in store to discover lots more easy and inexpensive ways to refresh your room and get cosy.   

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