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Ready Made Curtain Linings

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Displaying 1 to 1 of 1 products


At Harry Corry, all our curtains are ready-made and fully lined. If for any reason you require extra curtain linings, we recommend our unique “3 Pass” Thermal Blackout Lining is a blackout thermal curtain lining available in white and you can purchase it online and in any of our 48 stores in the UK and Ireland.

“3 Pass” Blackout Thermal Linings

Our 3 Pass Blackout Thermal white curtain linings (or also known as thermal curtain linings or blackout curtain linings) are coated three times in a specially designed acrylic layer for optimal blackout performance(Some retailers only coat their curtain linings twice or even once, so be sure to check). Perfect for early risers, children’s rooms and shift workers, the blackout and Thermal fabric of our curtain linings can be easily added to all eyelet, pencil pleat, tape-top curtains or voile panels to not only insulate any window in your home, but also block out external light.

Added benefits for adding Thermal Blackout linings to your curtains include reducing outside noise and protecting your furnishings from irksome fading from the sun.  Fitting Blackout Thermal linings to your curtains couldn’t be easier at Harry Corry, as our 3 Pass white curtain linings can be cut to your desired length with no hemming needed.

For an extra blackout boost or a great alternative to blackout linings, why not try one of our Design House Blackout Roller Blinds. Our stylish blackout roller blinds come in  6 convenient sizes, are easy to trim and are available in 13 contemporary colours such a white, cream, red, aubergine, slate, light grey and many more to suit any room in your home.

Choosing your Size

Choosing what size of curtain linings you require is simple. All of the nine sizes we stock correspond with standard curtain sizes, meaning it is as easy as matching the size of your linings with the size of your curtains. If you are uncertain what size of curtains you need, why not take a look at our easy size guide here.

 If you are attaching curtain linings to an eyelet curtain, you will need Hidden Hooks. If your chosen curtain is a pencil pleat or tape top curtain, you will need standard curtain hooks to secure your linings in place. 

Our Hidden Hooks are £2.99/ €3.75 for a pack of 8 which is perfect for a 46inch width curtain. For a 66 inch width curtain you will need approx. 10 Hidden Hooks and for a 90 inch width curtain, 12. 

Our standard curtain hooks are a great price at £1.99/ €2.49 for a pack of 100, which is more than enough for 3 pairs of 90 inch width curtains.  You will approximately need 15 curtain hooks per 90 inch curtain, 11 per 66 inch width curtain and 8 per 46 inch width curtain.  For a guide on how to attach the linings to your pencil pleat, tape-top or eyelet curtains see below.

Fitting your Linings to Pencil Pleat, Tape-Top or Eyelet Curtains

Attaching either of our fantastic ranges of curtain linings to your curtains is simple and all instructions are included in the packaging. Available in nine sizes, the “3 Pass” Blackout Thermal Linings can be attached to all eyelet curtains and pencil pleat curtains. For the standard pencil pleat curtain or tape top, the curtain linings can be easily clipped on to the curtain with curtain hooks after the strings have been pulled to the desired width.

Attaching curtain linings to eyelet curtains is no longer as hassle, thanks to the unique design of our ‘Hidden Hooks’. These clear, detachable eyelet curtain hooks hang the linings on your curtain pole directly behind your eyelet curtains. Each hidden hook sits between the eyelets of your curtains and so they are completely hidden from sight. With Hidden Hooks, you no longer have to sew curtain linings directly onto your eyelet curtain and risk destroying your new curtains in the process, meaning you can un-hook and re-use your curtain linings again and again whenever you update to a new style.

All the items mentioned in this guide are available online at www.harrycorry.com or in any of our 48 curtain departments in stores in the UK and Ireland.