Re-purposing: Curtains Away From The Window

12 May 2015

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This isn’t the first time we have looked at using products in other ways that their intended use. Our Instagram page is filled with wonderful ideas such as using left over wallpaper in picture frames, or wallpaper to line the inside of drawers or even old jewellery as curtain tie backs. But, today, we are looking at what we can do with curtains, new or old!


Recycled Furniture


If recycling furniture is your thing, why not use curtain fabric to re-upholster the seat pad. You might that a strong curtain pattern will really stand out when applied here.



Throw Cushions


If stitching is your game use your old curtain fabrics to make covers for throw cushions for your living room. A mix match of curtain patterns as throw cushions can really breathe new life to your room.





You can easily take a strip of curtain fabric and create a pelmet. A pelmet is normally used to conceal the main hardware of blinds and curtains. So use the curtain fabric to give your blinds a much needed dress up.



Wall Art


We mentioned before about using wallpaper in picture frames to create a unique piece of wall art, so what stops you from framing curtain fabric…nothing! What is great about this is that you have a framed piece of fabric that will add texture and depth to your wall depending on the style of curtain fabric that you have.