Re-design Your Boudoir Every Season Without Spending a Fortune!

01 February 2013

Floral Duvet Covers

Does your bedroom need a makeover?   Single men design their bedrooms once and won’t think about it again for at least another 10 years.... or maybe until they invite the new girlfriend around.  Some men take the same approach to the contents of their wardrobes (and as most of you reading this will be ladies, we can get away with saying this.... can’t we?).  

However, us ladies are much more style and decor conscious.  ‘Yes, we are!’ I hear you say.

So How Often Do You Change Your Duvet?...

We’ve earned our name as the fairer sex for a reason.  Ladies don’t want their bedrooms to look the same all year round, never mind for the next 10 years!  Most of us are so particular about our boudoirs that we’ll have a second duvet cover and pillow cases stashed in the cupboard.  This No. 2 favourite duvet cover will obviously still match the curtains, colour scheme and accessories of the bedroom, yet create an alternative look while the other one is in the wash.  It’s a bit like the ‘I can’t wear the same top two days in a row’ concept - the duvet needs changed fairly often too.


Are you screaming ‘Yes, that’s me at the screen right now?...

Give Your Bedroom a Seasonal Makeover!

Adding new colours, accessories and furnishings can dramatically change the ambience of your bedroom and instantly give your interior design a fresh new look without having to rip out the built in wardrobes or bin items that are still in good condition.

Updating your bedroom decor by alternating curtains, duvet covers, throws and cushions to coincide with the ever-changing seasons doesn’t cost a fortune.  Warm colour schemes, chunky textures, and extra layers work superbly in the colder months.  It’s the perfect time of the year to wrap up under a quilted duvet or warm fleece throw!  As the days and nights gradually begin to get lighter and brighter, so too should your bedroom decor. Think floral designs, bright colours and lightweight fabrics.

It Really Won’t Cost You a Fortune!

For the style conscious ladies who get bored easily with the same bedroom design or are simply just a bit obsessive about trying out the latest seasonal trends in bedding, curtains and accessories, the first man you need to speak is not your boyfriend, partner or husband, its Harry Corry


This man is on your side ladies, he’ll give you all the answers you need to get your man on-side! Can you hear him now? – ‘We don’t have the money dear’ or ‘it’s a waste of money’ – it all comes down to the money, doesn’t it!


Harry will give you the ammunition you need! Here’s how you do it ladies:

“Darling this beautiful duvet cover, matching pillow cases, runner AND cushion cover is ALL only £19 at Harry Corry – your gym membership for the month costs more! (That’s the price for the single bed version but once he’s agreed to let you have the credit card, is he really going to notice the extra £5 for the double bed version? Not likely!).

Now that you’ve got him convinced, start planning your seasonal themes for spring, summer, autumn and winter.  

P.S. Come back soon! Next week we will have some more tips on decorating your winter bedroom.  

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