Pillow Placement: Ideas to Inspire!

12 January 2016

7 pillow displays to try today

Pillow Arranging: The Fine Art


It may be just for show but we love it! It may drive our other halves up the walls and round the twist but for a look like this... it's worth it! 




 This is the no fuss approach. Place the pillows on each other in sleeping stacks, if you want to spruce it up a little use sham pillowcases on the top two and standard pillowcases on the bottom two.


Keep it simple with a lightly dressed display. Use the same sleeping stack from arrangement 1 but add two square decorative cushions to lift the look a little. These cushions give you a good opportunity to bring some colour or patterns to your display.



The next option is to prop up some full sized pillows. This is best done with heavy and full pillows that wont flop down as lighter ones would.



Take it one step further and place a single decorative square cushion in the centre. Focus any pattern or colour in this area to make the arrangement pop!



Prop all pillows vertically this time with them positioned that they almost form a point. This layered formation created a stylish look. Use a rectangular decorative cushion in the centre to help balance the look of this style.


This reflective look brings balance and order to your room. This look is made up of 4 standard pillows and 2 rectangular decorative cushions.


Some call it cluttered we call it WINNING! This loud display is perfect for those who like to show off and flaunt their stuff. A mix of patterns and colours would really make this style scream! 


Not overly fussed on these suggestions? Why not get creative and experiment to see what you come with like our customer Tara did on Instagram!!