Find Your Perfect Pillow Partner

13 April 2016

Pillow Guide Blog

Choosing the right pillow to suit you is the difference between a good nights sleep and a sleepless night. When you start to observe the benefits a pillow has to offer you can quickly connect with what you know will benefit. See below for some of our favourite examples.


This luxurious pillow offers a soft and deluxe experience with its super full filling and unique air cushion feel fabric. Perfect if you’re looking for ultimate comfort and relaxation!


Want something comfortable and supportive? The spiral fibres of this Luxury bounce back pillow pair make this pillow ideal for you!

Make sure you get a good nights sleep with this Memory Foam Pillow which moulds to your shape giving maximum support and comfort. We recommend you use this pillow with our Memory foam mattress topper available HERE.


Need a pillow for the youngest member of the family? As part of our Healthcare range, this pillow has been designed by medical experts to bring relief to Asthma and Tinitis sufferers so can be used by everyone.


Want ultimate luxury? Relax with this Duck Feather Pillow and if you’re a fan of the feathers why not give our White Duck Feather and Down 13.5tog Duvet a try for superior comfort!


This pillow is ideal for anyone in need of a little extra support! Why not try along side our Deep Orthopaedic Mattress, find all details HERE.


Ideal for someone who can't quite decide what they want from their pillow, This is comprised of three sections, one part duck feather, one part hollowfibre and one part removable memory foam core. This is the swiss army knife of pillows!

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