Perfect Seasonal Colour Schemes

20 October 2015

Seasonal Colour Schemes


There is nothing better than coming home after a long day to a warm and cosy home. Decorating your living space to ensure you get a fuzzy feeling every time you walk through the front door starts with your colour scheme. We have listed some enchanting seasonal trends to show you some décor possibilities this autumn….



Dark Brown and Cream:

Earthy browns and calming creams will bring a warm and snug feel to your home this autumn but it is important to get the correct balance when it comes to this colour scheme. It may not sound too daring but one shade of brown could make or break your living room. We recommend painting your walls cream or using a simple cream wallpaper and complementing this with brown furniture, cream cushions or brown bedding.

Red and Orange:


If used in the correct way, this colour scheme can really give your décor the wow factor. There is no better way to warm up a space than by applying an orange or red tone in some way, if you want the colour to come though strong in a room, why not paint an orange feature wall and have the 3 remaining walls in a neutral cream shade and add red curtains, rug and wall art.  

Plum and Grey:


Grey can be considered a cold colour, but it all depends on what colour is matched with it. Adding a warm plum colour can really complement any shade of grey and make it feel homely. By painting all the walls grey and adding plum eyelet curtains, bedding and lighting can ensure the colours really stand out rather than blending in. With any grey dominated room, we recommend plenty of lighting points to bright up the room but will also add to its cosiness.

Rich Red and Gold:


Nothing says glamour like a red and gold colour scheme. You can choose to decorate your walls in rich red paint or shimmering gold wallpaper, if you’re brave enough you could even go for a red carpet to match (if not a red rug would do the same job and wouldn’t involve the time, effort or expense!) Accessorise with red and gold cushions, grand curtain tie backs and even a chandelier like pendant.