Parisian Boudoir

24 July 2015


Parisian Boudoir

Use boutique styled items to achieve a Parisian Boudoir theme throughout a room. With the perfect combination of bedding, art, wallpaper, ornaments and furniture it can be very easy to achieve.


Cafe themed wall art is the perfect addition to your kitchen. With this piece artist Joel Anderson specialises in the nostalgic era of poster designs in a truly authentic style.  This poster inspired picture has warm rich tones of reds, ambers and browns.  It features a lady dressed in red at the left hand side with a cup of coffee looking on to the Eiffel Tower in the distance. Find this piece here


For you bedroom a gorgeous duvet set such as Lynette, is perfect for the Parisian feel. This beautiful Lynette cotton mix natural duvet set combines images of butterflies, clock-faces, birdcages, flowers, music notes and hand written phrases to create a unique design that inspires and feeling of country chic. This Lynette duvet set is also reversible.


Garnish your dresser with a beautiful french style picture frame. This Paris cream and grey photo frame offers a cream wooden frame with a decorative grey wooden bow at the top. This picture would look great in any room.


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