Kit Out Your Man Cave in Style!

04 April 2013

Blue Eyelet Curtains
Do you have a man cave in your house? It may have been a long time coming, but in recent years, there has been a noticeable increase in the amount of males who have been staking their claim on a room in the house. No longer happy enough to be just relegated to a couple of drawers while their better halves fill the wardrobe with an endless stream of clothing, men have decided that they need a room for themselves – a room they can escape to from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house, where they can watch TV, have a beer and relax.

Once a dingy and strange-smelling space, filled with various useless electronic items and power tools hoarded over the years, these man caves have developed into something more sophisticated over the years. With colour schemes, specially-designed furnishings and even the invention of man candles, there’s no reason why your man cave can’t look as immaculately decorated as the rest of the house. 
Here at Harry Corry we’ve put together some typical profiles of various types of man cave owners and the colour schemes and décor that best suit them. Admittedly some of the characteristics might be a bit exaggerated but there’s no denying that we all know someone who matches at least one of the descriptions!

Man Cave Theme: Midnight
Man Profile: Wannabe rock star. Deep and brooding.
Likes: Disappearing to his man cave to strum his guitar and listen to his favourite album on vinyl.
Dislikes: light, airy spaces, bright colours.

Man Cave Theme: Blue Lagoon
Man Profile: Football fanatic. His man cave is kitted out in his team’s colours with his signed programme proudly on display.
Likes: Watching the match with the lads in the pub.
Dislikes: When it’s the ref’s fault

Man Cave Theme: Moody Grey
Man Profile: Teenager (or still wishes he was a teenager!). Most likely still living at home with his mum having probably picked out and bought his furnishings.
Likes: Mum’s cooking.
Dislikes: Mum telling him what to do

Man Cave Theme: Manly Minimalist
Man Profile: Not your typical man cave. The minimalist favours simplicity and adopts a “less is more” style of thinking which is evident in his man cave.
Likes: Organisation.
Dislikes: Mess and clutter, laddish paraphernalia.

Man Cave Theme: Touch of Class
Man Profile: Career driven professionals who has expensive taste and takes pride in his appearance. This is reflected through his clothes, car and house, which he sees as status symbols. Has more shirts than socks. Likes: Designer everything.
Dislikes: Not having a matching tie and cufflinks for a shirt

Man Cave Theme: Right on Trend
Man Profile: Fashion-conscious and up-to-date with the hottest trends, this man has eclectic tastes and buckets of personal style.
Likes: Quirky accessories.
Dislikes: bland and boring colours

Man Cave Theme: A Little Bit of Compromise
Man Profile: This man doesn’t have the luxury of having a man cave all to himself and so has to negotiation to inject a bit of manliness into the décor. Likes: Having the house to himself. Dislikes: Decorative cushions.

Get inspired by our favourite man cave-friendly décor themes with furnishings all available online at Harry Corry, perfect for everyone from the teenager to the sophisticated intellectual, the minimalist to the trend-conscious.