Making The Most Of Your Student Dorm Has Never Been So Easy

30 August 2016

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If you're used to your home comforts, as much space as Mum & Dad can spare and all the familiarities of home, we're here to make that big, scary move from home in to university dorms that little easier.

We know student dorms aren’t famous for acres of space and stylish décor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it, follow our tips below to make the most of what you’ve been given!

Stream Line Furniture:  Encore Side tables

You may not have appreciated your trusty bedside table whilst living at home, but think about it, without it where would you set your trusty alarm clock (you’ll need one now to make those early lectures!). To make sure you’re not cluttering up any precious space, get yourself some streamline furniture like these Encore Side tables, not only do they look great they’re not bulky so won’t make your room look cluttered!


Storage ottoman at bottom of bed

Who doesn’t need extra storage? By putting a storage ottoman at the bottom of your bed not only are you giving your guests extra seating space but you can also throw in any stuff you’d rather not keep on show making the place look untidy.


Feature wall

If your landlord lets you, there is no better way of wowing your guests (and adding a splash of your personality) than creating a feature wall. Get some bright or patterned wallpaper and use it on just one wall, add stunning wall art or picture frames filled with photographs of loved ones to really make you feel at home.


Ambient Lighting

Cute fairy lights can make your space extra cosy, drape them above your bed or on your head board for perfect ambient lighting!


Make use of wall space- hang wicker baskets

Thinking outside (or inside in this case) the box. If you student dorm is particularly lacking in floor space why not add extra storage to your walls by hanging wicker baskets, they can also act as a side table if needed!


Top tip- Use tension rods EVERYWHERE- save space, extra hanging space etc.

Save wardrobe space and make use of those seemingly useless nooks and crannies by fitting a tension rod to allow extra hanging space for clothes, scarves, belts or even cleaning products! Genius!