Make Your House Your Happy Place

09 May 2016

Happy House Blog

You may not have noticed but the smallest things in your house can affect your mood. From psychology of colour schemes, to natural light, the slightest change in décor can make your house that little bit happier.

Below we have collected several ways to make the 3 main rooms in your house even happier than they already are..

Living Room:


Using Greens:

Green tones will give a refreshing feel to your living room, while promoting rest and relaxation. If you’re not wanting to paint directly on to your walls why not get some stunning green curtains such as the Saratoga Green Eyelet Curtains shown above.

Your very own Chair:

Sometimes it’s nice to curl up on your own chair and enjoy a book, have a single arm chair as well as a sofa just so you have the option!

Top Tip- Double up!:

Although you may want to keep the light out at night time, it’s important to get some natural light during the day. We advise you invest in a double pole that offer the function of a voile panel behind your curtains to allow natural light to spill in but you can still have your privacy!




Use of Blues:

Blue tones have been known to be calming and reassuring making it a perfect colour for your bedroom. Why not try a pale blue duvet set like our Fenella Cotton Mix duvet set to add a splash of blue to your bedroom.


There’s nothing worse than being woken in the early hours by the sun shining bright through your window making it impossible to have a lie in. By purchasing a good blackout curtain or blind you can stay in the dark a little longer! Why not check out our new Twilight Blackout range- there are colours to suit all tastes.


Don’t keep clutter under the bed, keep it tidied away in a storage stool or ottoman, not only will it make space, it will make it a million times easier to find something quicker!

 Top Tip:

Use a side table or tall storage unit to keep your electronics like your radio, mobile phones and even TV away from your bed to save yourself from distraction! 






Earthy Colours:

It is recommended to balance the water element in your bathroom with an earth element. One way of doing this is by adding towels and bathmats in an earthy brown or green colours.

Choice of Wall Art:

Link your wall art to water or landscapes to add to the earthy feel, it will also give your guests something to admire!


Keep your storage light and bright. Although it is important to have some space to store towels, hair products and cosmetics, try not to take up a lot of room doing this.