Make The Most Of Your Tiny Hallway

15 February 2016

Tiny Hallway Blog

Sometimes, hallways tend to be over looked when it comes to decorating our homes. They sometimes are seen simply as a small, cramped area where we wipe our shoes before venturing in to the rest of the house. We have some great tips on utilising your hallways space to its maximum ability and turn it in to another room with the WOW factor. 





The use of low lighting will reduce shadow and so make the hallway space feel lighter and larger. To achieve this either make use of a floor lamp mixed with a table lamp, or simply add a statement pendant that offer 360° lighting, but make sure this is as low as possible. 



If you are lucky enough to have a window in your hallway to provide a source of natural light, it is recommended that this window is covered using a voile or net curtain. This way the window is covered but most of the natural light can still filter though. 


Keep the walls light and bright to maximise the feeling of open space. If plain wallpaper or paint isn’t your thing, why not try some simple patterned or floral wallpaper in light, neutral colours to add character but not overwhelm your guests too much! 



As an alternative to carpet, use a colourful or patterned rug in your hallway to add more character and keep the floor clean. If you go for plain walls, a patterned rug will really complement the décor and unlike carpet, rugs can be easily cleaned or even replaced when need be. 



Use of mirrors can make any small space look and feel larger. Place a mirror behind a source of light, whether it’s a candle or lamp to maximise the lighting reach. Or if you have a window in your hallway, place a mirror facing it to create an illusion of a second window. 

Wall Art:  


When it comes to small spaces, bigger is better. By adding a large piece of statement wall art, or a few medium sized canvasses or framed art work will draw your eye straight to it. By hanging a large frame will also maximise the feel of space. 



Use some light storage boxes, or white wooden shelving units to keep the clutter away. Try and stack upwards and avoid using too much floor space.

It’s also a great idea to combine your furniture and storage together to save as much space as possible. Think about using a storage stool which you can use to sit on whilst you put on your shoes and store your shoes in when you’re not using them!

Top Tip: If you are really lacking floor space, consider drilling these Stamford Storage Baskets to your walls and use as makeshift shelves for your post, keys and bits and bobs!