How well do you know your sheets?

05 October 2016



This is our luxurious 180 thread count sheet. Percale means 180 threads per square inch and is the industry benchmark for a high quality long lasting sheet. The production make-up is 100 threads by 80 threads therefore 180 threads per square inch. 

- Wide range of colours to match our duvet covers

- 180 thread count gives a soft feel against the skin

- 50/50 polycotton mix gives a long lasting easy to wash and iron sheet

- Long lasting comfort

- Added durability and strength

- We have a wide range of extra deep fitted sheet options for customers with deeper mattresses 

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Our entry level sheet - in price only. Production quality is 76 threads by 56 threads, giving you 132 threads per square inch. 50% Cotton 50% Polyester for comfort, easy washing & Ironing. Top quality value sheets.

- Amazing value

- Long lasting and easy to care for

- Wide range of colours to match our duvet covers

-132 threads per square inch

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A move up from our Essentials bedding range. Made from 50% Cotton & 50% Polyester for comfort and ease of washing and ironing. Production quality is 76 threads by 68 threads, making 144 per square inch. We have added an extra softener to the production process to give one of the best quality soft touch sheets available.

- Added softness and comfort

- Nice move up from our essentials bedding range

- Durable and long lasting

- Perfect colour matching to our duvet covers

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Our top end sheet with an amazing 200 thread count. Production quality is 120 threads by 80 threads to give 200 threads per square inch. Made from 80% Cotton and 20% Polyester for pure luxury, extra soft feel with minimum ironing required.

 - Ultimate luxury sheet

- Long lasting

- Super soft against the skin

- Hotel quality feel and comfort