How To Put Up A Curtain Pole

12 May 2015

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This task can seem daunting and difficult, you call for help, you call your dad, get your neighbor. But in reality this task is an easy 'Do-It-Yourself'. We have broke this task down in to three stages with some images to assist.



Step One 

The brackets for your curtain pole should be at least 50 mm (5 cm) from either end of the recess. With a pencil, mark the positions for the brackets at both sides. To ensure accuracy use a long spirit level to check that both markings are level with each other.


Step Two 

After ensuring that there is no piping or cables behind the wall drill at the pencil marks with a masonry bit end. When you have your holes drilled out simply add wall plugs and screw the brackets into place.


Step Three 

Ready the curtains as you want them on the wall. This may require some cutting or adjusting to length. Once this is completed simply hang your pole over the brackets.


TOP TIP: When hanging your curtains always have the last ring of either side on the outside of the bracket.