Home Decor Tips and Advice from Harry Corry Sligo

07 July 2014

Harry Corry

Here are some Excellent Home Décor Tips and Advice from our team in Harry Corry Sligo, Republic of Ireland

Create a Moodboard - Create your own 'Moodboard' with samples of fabrics, paint colours, wallpaper etc before you commit. We also have some 'Moodboards' available in-store for ideas and some examples are shown below.

Curtain Tip - Never match a plain Curtain to a plain coloured wall as you won't see it, instead opt for a contrasting colour or pattern

Cushion Tip - Use a variety of filled cushions which are different fabrics to create a chic look on your bed or sofa

Be Prepared – Bring your window sizes when shopping for Ready-Made Curtains or Blinds

Curtain Tip – When buying cheap Curtains, it’s good to buy a size wider than you need and combine it with an opulent Curtain Tie Back as they will look more expensive

Cushion Tip – To make a Cushion look fuller, buy a Cushion Filler a size bigger than the Cushion Cover

Wallpaper Tip – By hanging striped wallpaper horizontally on a wall instead of vertically, it will add dimension to your room

Towel Tip - Create a striped effect with your towels by stacking two contrasting coloured towels on top of each other

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