Heavy on the Miracle Whip, Harry!

14 May 2013

Retro Home Decor


New York Deli, 1955, Rock and Roll is just getting into its stride and teenagers from coast to coast are hanging out in milk bars and coffee shops, jiving along with the jukebox and making their mark on history.


From James Dean to Elvis, ankle socks to winkle pickers, the look and feel of that legendary era continues to influence how we dress ourselves and our homes. 


It’s a fantastic look for your kitchen, transforming any size space into a casual hangout for guys and gals of all ages – teens love the look for its unique retro chic, while those of us who grew up much closer to the era love reminiscing about some of the best culture ever produced...


The fifties were the era of cool, of swooning over movie stars - Rock Hudson for the ladies and Doris Day for the boys. And whatever your taste in music, there’s a rock and roll song for you: we’re talking Hey Jude, My Generation, Good Vibrations, Can’t Get No Satisfaction among very many more!


And Harry can help you get the look for less! Whatever style your kitchen, you can easily put a retro fifties spin on it with accents from Harry Corry – we’re talking monochromes, soft leathers in black or red and a touch of the Big Apple with feature wallpaper...


This NYC wallpaper would look great on a feature wall, instantly bringing some city chic to a casual dining or breakfast room. Or you could take a jaunt along Route 66 and go all Viva Las Vegas with this vivid paper. It’s certainly not a gamble if you team it with some sophisticated but low key bling, like this pearl pendant.


And starting at just £8.99 a roll, these fabulous wallpapers are an inexpensive alternative to tiles – do it yourself and save even more.


If you’re really a fan of the silver screen this Hollywood wallpaper is the way to go. 


And to really complete the look, whether you’re east coast or west coast, line a few of these cool bar stools up and invite over all your cool cat friends for a bit of a bop!


Whatever you do, pop in store and find more fifties inspiration to get the look for less – and stay cool, kids!


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