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Percale Sheets and Pillow Cases

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Displaying 1 to 16 of 22 products

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Displaying 1 to 16 of 22 products



You spend a third of your life in bed and it will impact on all the other areas of your life so it is worth investing in the right bedding for you.  Just think, if you alternate your bedding weekly, it will be against your skin for 8 hours a day, every day, for half a year, every year.  How much would you pay for something you will be feeling against your skin for that length of time? 

Something you will "wear" more often than your favourite clothes/suit/shoes?

How would you like it to look? 

What would you want it to feel like? 

What difference will it make to you to have a glorious, pampered night's sleep every night?

If you are reading this while in one of our stores, take a look around.  We try to have samples of our bedding available for you to touch and look at -We would encourage you to feel and see the difference in the products to choose the range that suits you best.  Ask one of our knowledgeable staff for assistance or, if you are somewhere else then read on... 

We would like to help you to understand the positive qualities in our plain bedding and the range we have on offer so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.  First we will look at the different sizes and styles available.  Then we will look at the different quality of bedding that we offer and what sizes, styles and colours are available in each particular range. 



Pillow cases (PC), Single bed (SB), Double bed (DB), King bed (KB) & Super King (SK) 



We have pillowcases, flat sheets, fitted sheets, extra-deep fitted sheets, platform valances and fitted valance sheets.

Flat sheet 

This is a rectangular-shaped sheet that is used between your body and the duvet/duvet cover.  

It can also be used to cover a mattress instead of a fitted sheet.

It is a great sheet that works all year round.  It holds heat in during the Winter and lets air circulate in warm weather. 

Choose a quality flat sheet that feels good against the skin and you can combine it with any fabric/design of duvet cover you choose and you will still have that great feeling against your skin.  E.g. They are great and feel more breathable when used with microfibre duvet sets - you have 50-100% cotton or 100% polyester against your skin and a great duvet design showing on the bed.

We highly recommend you use a flat sheet between your body and your duvet set and that you choose the best quality sheet your budget will allow. We have worked hard for you to offer you the best product for your budget.

They reduce wear on your duvet covers which will not need washed as often.

They increase cleanliness as there is another layer between you (your moisture and skin cells) and your duvet

Fitted sheet

This is a sheet with elasticated corners.  It is designed to fit over the mattress and neatly around the corners so that it covers the mattress itself and has no extra material hanging down.   It is easy to use as you do not have to lift the mattress to tuck it in and can give a neater finish.  It suits mattresses up to 25cm deep

Extra-deep fitted sheet

This is available in our Percale range and fits over deeper mattresses, up to 30cm deep such as our deepest Silent Night mattresses.

Platform valance sheet

Goes under the mattress and has a pleated 38cm drop (15") to cover your divan base.  You can put this on and forget about it and your bed will always look dressed and well-presented.  It is a beautiful finishing touch to a dressed bed.

The valance is in the "box-pleat" style i.e. it sits flat to the divan base, it is not frilly.

Fitted valance sheet

This fits over the mattress, covering it, and then has a 38cm (15") drop in a "box-pleat" style to cover your divan base.  It does the job of the fitted sheet and platform valance together.  It is very useful for those people who do not want to buy the items separately or for those customers who are unable/unwilling to lift a mattress up to put the platform valance on underneath.

The valance is in the "box-pleat" style in the Percale bedding range i.e. it sits flat to the divan base, it is not frilly.  The Essentials bedding range is in a “straight drop” style without box pleated corners. Due to the construction process it looks slightly wavy but is a more modern straight drop style. 


"Housewife" pillowcases 

These are standard, plain, rectangular pillowcases.  They are sized so that the pillow fits all of the fabric.  They are available in the Egyptian Cotton (50cm x 75cm), Arriva (100% Cotton), Percale, Rectella Percale, Luxury & Value (68 Pick), and Essentials ranges (48cm by 74cm (19" x 29")) and fit all of the pillows we stock.

Sold in pairs: Egyptian Cotton, Percale and Essentials ranges.

Available in a 4pack: Luxury & Value (68 Pick) range.  

"V" pillowcases

We are one of the few companies offering "V" pillowcases, which fit "V" shaped pillows.  Available in white and cream.

"Oxford" pillowcases

Oxford pillowcases have a "cuff/frill/scallop" all around the outside.  This greatly increases the price of the item and it has less customer demand, so we do not currently stock it. 



Essentials and "56 pick"

Luxury & Value (68 Pick)


Rectella Percale 


Egyptian Cotton


1)  ESSENTIAL BEDDING (56 PICK Star Buy range)

50% Cotton 50% Polyester

132 Thread count, 56 Pick

This is a quality budget sheet priced to sell. 

The sheet is made of cotton and polyester for comfort and ease of care. 

Our quality is 76 by 56, this is the amount of threads in the warp and the weft in production, the total amount is therefore = 132 threads per square inch. 

Sizes:     SB, DB & KB.


Colours: Currently 10 colours

The Essentials range currently comes in red packaging and is highlighted as "Star Buy".  

Reasons to buy:


Amazing value 

Easy to wash -machine washable at 40 degrees

Easy to iron due to the 50/50 cotton and polyester mix

Wide range of colours to match our duvets



56 pick or 132 thread count - various bargain shops use less threads and the sheet is not as comfortable and does not last as long. 

Some other retailers are using 100% polyester or a lower thread count for their value sheets.


2)  LUXURY & VALUE (68 Pick)

50% Cotton, 50% Polyester

144 Thread count, 68 Pick

Our quality is 76 by 68 or 144 threads per square inch

This range is in-between our Essentials and Percale ranges.

Styles: 4 pack pillowcases in this range 

Size: Housewife (48cm x 74cm or 19" by 29")

Colours: Cream, White

It currently comes in silver packaging with black writing

Reasons for buying:

Easy to wash -machine washable at 40 degrees

Easy to iron due to the 50/50 cotton and polyester mix. 

More luxurious than the Essentials range 

More budget-friendly than Percale.



50% Cotton 50% Polyester

180 Thread count range  

Percale simply means 180 threads per square inch of material and is the industry benchmark for a good quality, long lasting sheet. 

The quality is 100 by 80, this is the amount of threads in the warp and the weft in production, the total amount is therefore = 180 threads per square inch

Sizes: SB, DB, KB and SK 


Colours: Currently 10 colours

Percale is currently packaged with the "Percale" in silver on a black band around the bedding. 

Reasons for buying:

180 thread count gives a soft feel against the skin

50/50 cotton/polyester mix helps it last longer 

Easy to wash 

Easy to iron 

We have a wide range of extra deep fitted sheet options (30cm deep) for customers with deeper mattresses

Wide range of colours to match our duvets

Looks good, feels good and is hassle-free



This is the same quality and price as the Percale range so please refer to the “Percale” section for information and reasons for buying:

Sizes: SB, DB and KB


Colours: 8 colours

It is in black packaging labelled Percale in silver and the packaging is shorter and wider than the other Percale.



100% Cotton

Finely woven

Brushed Cotton

"Brushed Cotton" is Cotton that has been put through a special roller which fluffs the material and removes all the excess lint and fibres from the fabric, usually leaving an ultra soft, smooth finish.  The process is called "brushing" or "peaching."  The brushed Cotton is strong and resilient yet has a cosy and comforting feel to it.  This is quality bedding at a good price.  It is measured in grammes per square metre and our flannelette is 145gsm. 

Sizes: SB, DB and KB 



Flannelette bedding is currently packaged under the "designhouse" brand with the "designhouse" and "flannelette" wording in white on a black band around the base of the bedding. 

Reasons for buying:

100% Cotton

Elegant, smooth finish

Ultra soft feel - cosy and comforting

Strong and more resilient

Easy to wash

Easy to iron 

May be preferred by people with skin conditions/allergies who want 100% cotton

Children tend to love it.


6)  EGYPTIAN COTTON - "Hotel Pure Indulgence" - Luxury 300 thread count sheets

100% Egyptian cotton sateen

This 300 thread count range is our top end sheet. The quality is 200 by 100 threads making a 300 thread count sheet. 

This is the highest thread count that is worth running as it is extremely difficult to tell the difference between a 300 thread count sheet and a higher thread count sheet.  

You can get higher thread count sheets though the higher you get the more threads per square inch of fabric so the material is more dense -it can trap more heat, be harder to wash and not drape as well.

Our 300 Thread count is high enough for all of the advantages and yet avoids the disadvantages of even higher thread counts. 

It is made from 100% Egyptian cotton sateen for an extra soft feel. "Sateen" is the name given to the cotton when it is treated and woven in a particular way.   Standard "non-sateen" is woven 1 over and 1 under while "sateen" is woven 4 over and 1 under.  This makes it extremely soft, makes it look more luxurious and also helps it to crease less and drape better than a standard finish.  The silky side is also said to be more dust resistant than regular cotton.  

Sizes: SB, DB, KB, SK


Colours: Cream, White

The Egyptian Cotton range is packaged in Silver and White.

Reasons for buying:

Ultimate luxury sheet

Feel the difference -Super soft against the skin

Anti-aging -some believe that having silk/silk texture against the skin reduces the "drag" on it during the night and therefore reduces the visible signs of aging.  

Long lasting

Easy to care for compared to100% cotton sheets that are not cotton sateen.

Will crease less and drape better than standard cotton

Made from Egyptian cotton -widely regarded as the best cotton in the world. 

May be preferred by people with skin conditions/allergies who want 100% cotton

Anyone who is unsure about trying the Egyptian Cotton can buy a pillowcase separately and see how they enjoy that before they purchase the full bedding.



We have priced all of our plain bedding very competitively.  If you are comparing prices remember to compare the thread count and the fibres used so you are making  a fair comparison.


Remember, after carefully choosing a product you are going to enjoy every night you want to make sure you look after it correctly!  Always wash bedding and sheets before first use and follow the recommended washing instructions.  

Enjoy and have a great night’s sleep!