Dress Your Window Your Way

18 January 2016

Curtains Styles

Curtains are so much more than just a matter of privacy. You've probably already thought about how curtains can show off your personality and style through colour and pattern, but have you considered how the length of your curtains can giving your living room the WOW factor? 

 Below are the 5 main ways you can style your curtains to suit you: 


On The Sill- Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and kids bedroom, this style provides a calm and casual feel while still being able to show off your personality with colour and pattern.


Floating- Your curtains will ever so slightly float off the ground. This style brings tailored elegance to your living space and will have your guests in awe.


Hit the Floor- Your curtains will extend a little bit on to the floor- think 1”-3”. This look gives your room a casual feel but still remaining elegant and glamorous. Any curtain material, colour or pattern is perfect for this and is a great way to show off your personality and sense of style. 


Pooled- Your curtain length extends 4” or more on to the floor. You can use any curtain type or material to achieve this look, however we recommend a curtain with a satin style finish such as the Countess Ready Made Eyelet Curtains will show off the 'liquid' effect to the max!


Tied Back- If your curtain are slightly too long for your taste, a great way of giving them a lift is by using some stylish hold back or tie backs

 Give your favourite a go and feel free to send your pictures to us on Facebook!