When Customers Define The Classics!

21 April 2016

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When we see customers sharing publicly their new curtains, bedding, wall art etc. it fills us with joy! Here we want to show off one we came across on Instagram!

User serina91 purchased one of our most popular curtains Tiffany Heather Eyelet Curtains. She pulled the look off effortlessly. What we like to observe is the kinds of items used with it. We can easily build a look book for this traditional and timeless look.

serina91's Instagram photo:


 Find the Tiffany range here


These curtains work perfectly with silver/chrome poles

○ Harry Suggests:  Hampton Stainless Steel Curtain Pole Range


Tie the look of with some heather tie backs, silver ones may also complete the look.

○ Harry Suggests: Atlanta Heather Tie Back


Bring a cosy look and feel to the room by using a rug, ideally use cream or grey rug as these colours wont make the room feel smaller.

○ Harry Suggests: Como Grey Rug 


Add another dimension by using a storage stool to complete the look, while looking great they are also practical and can be used to hide all your bits and bobs.

○ Harry Suggests: Silver Diamante Storage Stool

We encourage our customers to share photos and ideas with us! We enjoy seeing how people choose to get more inspiration head over to our Instagram account: