Clash of the Textiles

10 June 2013

Lilac Fur Cushion

Enough of the shrinking violets already! We’ve had it with magnolias and creams, whites with hints of colour and beige blandness in general!

It’s tempting when you’re decorating to do one of two things: keep everything neutral and pale because you know you’ll need to live with it for a while, or to really go to town and make that room a riot of colour and style.

But if you’re not afraid to use strong colour – and can learn how to use it well, you can achieve a clean, modern look that’s also sharp, bright and easy on the eye.

If you’re afraid of going all out because of your budget, trust Harry Corry to making trying out a new look easy and affordable – you can pick up contrasting accents in cushions and throws from as little as £5, meaning you can start with a few pieces and keep adding until you’ve built up layers of colour and texture.

So, now that we’ve dispelled any fears you may have had of going for the all-out clash effect, follow our 3 point guide to throwing together brights that will really make your home stand out.

Clash colour

Clashing’s been big in fashion recently, with block colours everywhere. At home, it’s even easier to achieve the look. The secret is to ensure your colours are of equal tonal strength – keep brights with brights and pastels with pastels, for example. If they’re different shades, one may overwhelm the other and the look will be lost. Start with 2 colours and look for more as you create the look – the more the merrier!

Pink can be a great starting point for clever clashing – think shocking pink and tangerine, pink and fiery red, pink and neon green… and the possibilities are endless.

If you want to clash a little more subtly, try these muted throws in green, plum and teal.

Clash textiles

A multitude of colour can be the key to perfect clashing, but it’s not the only way. For very sophisticated drama, pick one colour and use it in all its forms. For example, if you’re going for warm and cosy, pick a brown and really go to town: you’ve got silks and tweeds, patterns and fur, cottons and florals to play with. This chocolate & red cushion is a fusion of colour, texture and style all on its own – use it as your starting point for a look that’s fun and funky.  

Silvers and greys can be the height of sophistication, though to avoid them becoming too masculine, go for florals and shimmer – scatter plenty of these cushions across a bright sofa to create a unique look: Salford Silver Cushion, Lowestoft Silver Cushion, and the Almwick Grey Cushion.

Clash Colour & Textiles!

Here’s where you go all out and really shake things up! We’re talking stripes with florals, wood effects and metal finishes, soft cottons and textured jutes. Just remember to keep the tones the same where you can, or go with a theme that you can have fun with: for example, bring out your wild side with these animal- inspired cushions – cream fur, tiger print, and leopard snow.

If you’re looking for window inspiration, try these floral curtains as a focal point, picking out the colours in accents around the room. Or start with these relatively plain lined eyelet curtains and bring out their quirky side with reds and plums and burnt oranges.

If you’re dressing a bed, start with this Fushia duvet cover and up the clashing ante with these red and plum cushions.

For a richer look, start with this teal-tastic duvet set and set it off with contrasting natural cushions – quirky yet easy on the eye! We love these herringbone cushions in a range of rich browns: chocolate cushion, natural cushion and the cream cushion.

For more ideas and great value inspiration, call into Harry Corry and ask our Advisors! They’d be delighted to help you get the look.