Create a WOW Factor Feature Wall

17 May 2016

Dream Feature Wall blog







Whether you’re looking for walls with a WOW factor, or perhaps you just need a refresh, a good feature wall can dramatically change your living space and is a really good excuse to literally splash your personality up the walls.

Feature walls are a great and simple way to transform the look and feel of any room in your house and can provide a canvas to show off your style to your guests.

Creating a feature wall can be quick and easy using wall art or picture frames, or you can even go all out and get some statement wallpaper for an extra dramatic effect.  

Wall Art: 

Lots of large statement wall art can be a great way to really show off your personality and interest as well as giving your guests something to admire. We recommend using large, canvas style prints mixed with framed art work with bright colours and bold shaped mixed with text. However, if your taste is a bit more subtle that’s not a problem, one of the advantages of a feature wall is that you can design it to suit you!


1. 'Don't Take Life Too Seriously' 

2. 'Seen It All' 

3. San Francisco' 

4. 'Gilded New York' 

5. 'Butterfly Cut Out' 

6. 'Hearts In Sand' 

7. 'Spiderman' 



The way we see it, if your going to go for a wallpapered feature wall go large and go loud. Photographic wallpaper is like having a permanent painting on your wall only to the extreme. Its a definite way to give your walls the WOW factor. 


1. 'Ella Silver' 

2. 'Emperors Garden' 

3. 'Milano Charcoal' 

4. 'Reclaim Turquoise' 

5. 'Pheobe White' 


If you love your photographs why not show off your memories on your own feature wall. We recommend using a variety of different sizes and shapes show off your personality further. 

1. 'Mosaic Duck Egg' 

2. 'Navy Fabric' 

3. 'Wooden Picture Frame' 

4. 'Mosaic Heather'