Colour Combinations You Never Thought Would Work!

24 April 2015

colour combos

Colour Combo’s you never thought would work!

We often find ourselves playing it safe with colour; in our clothes, our homes, our cars, excluding the odd extrovert with the bright green convertible with the purple furry dice. Through doing this our whole lives we look past pairing (what sound like) strange colours as we have predefined colour combinations in our head, brown and beige, white and blue, red and black etc.

Stepping out of, what we perceive as, the norm, can often harbour miraculous results.


Fuchsia and Teal

Fuchsia and Teal is a risky colour combination, it must be played right. One wrong shade and the whole set up is off. Although these two colours are both bold hues using a warm fuchsia with a cool teal will create a strong statement this summer.

Listed below are products we have chosen to get this look:

 Lyon Teal Eyelet Curtains

 Fuchsia Blackout Roller Blinds

Teal 450g Towel Range

New England Teal Cushion

Boston Fuchsia Pink Duvet Set

 Audrey Hepburn Canvas Wall Art

Orange and Green

The second on our list is orange and green. This combination definitely doesn’t sound too appealing. But when the right tones are balanced together you get gorgeous results. Using more olive greens and soft orange brings a very natural feeling to your home. A combination definitely worth trying.

Here are some products we have used to achieve this style:

-          Bamford Orange Curtains

-          Denver Orange cushion

-          Denver Green Cushion

-          Bamford Orange Cushion Cover

-          Boston Fresh Green Duvet Set

-          Monaco Olive Lamp

The conclusion we have come to is that there are no wrong colour combinations, just colour combinations executed badly.

So don’t be afraid to get experimenting, it could produce amazing results.