A flash of brass! Inspired interior updates from Harry Corry

09 May 2013

Curtain Poles

Metal doesn’t have to be heavy! Gold and brass are big trends in 2013 and Harry can help you to get the look for less!

If you’ve been cautious in your colour scheme, choosing creamy hues to blend together and create a chilled look, you might be missing a trick.

Gold and brass are key interior trends for 2013, and it’s so easily to lift your look by sprinkling either around your room, whether in light fittings or picture frames, lamps or curtain poles. 

Mixed Metals - Curtain Poles

For example, the Perth Antique brass curtain pole would be the perfect finishing touch for a room accented with creams and reds. While a more sophisticated period room would take on a fresh feel with these Amelia antique-style brass curtain poles. 

The current trend for mixing up the old with the new also means it’s not only acceptable to add accents to change the look and feel of a room, but it’s almost de rigour – think shabby chic and add low key, gentle metallics like this brushed chrome curtain pole, also available in antique brass.  

Of course, gold can add a touch of luxury to any space, but it really glitters when used as an accent to blacks and purples. You can go all the way and layer reds, blacks and purples of all descriptions, from gothic style florals to the softest of leather. Mix and match curtains and pillows to create a sumptuous, luxury feel. Again, introduce metals to add flashes that catch the eye – or simply to add depth among all the other textures. This Alexus black gloss pole won’t stand out but it will demonstrate your attention to detail, while the gentle bling of this satin silver bay window curtain pole will lift your living room to another level of luxe. 

Channel Your Inner Rock Chick with Dramatic Wallpaper

If you’re going for all out heavy metal, rock chick chic, start by giving your walls the look. Majestic Plum wallpaper is the perfect paper to easily create a feature wall with added drama. While Stria Red wallpaper gives the dark side a fresh, modern update for 2013 – so you can still enjoy those deep, comforting tones safe in the knowledge you’re bang up to date. 

Of course, if you’re more Sandra Dee than Sharon Osbourne, you can still add sparkle to any colour scheme with a touch of smart, sleek metal. We’re thinking silvers with pinks and limes, brushed satin with monochrome wallpaper, or strip everything back to white and add depth with this Perth gun metal pole - perfect for dramatic effect.

Right now, we’re looking the look you can create with this very space-age Kate silver wallpaper. It’s got bling built in but won’t overwhelm. It’s much more versatile than you might think, so use it as your starting point for a complete new look and dress simply with your favourite colour. 

If you’re only in the market for updating your curtains, choosing an eyelet style will immediately give you a fresh, clean new look – and just a touch of bling!

You can keep up with this year’s hot metal trends for less – right now, Harry Corry have up to 33% off a range of wallpapers and curtain poles, up to 50% off eyelet curtains and an attractive range of frames, lamps and cushions to brighten up any room.

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