Longer evenings playing havoc with bedtime? Harry can help!

16 July 2013

Carmen Duvet cover

Ok, so it’s not been the summer-iest of summers so far, but we’ve just had the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, and the kids are about to embark on their summer break, so the season is passing fast… whatever the weather!

But there are things you can do to bring summer into your home – or keep it out should you want to!

Because one thing you can rely on are the longer evenings and brighter mornings…. play havoc with bedtime routines and while you don’t mind them staying up a little later when school’s out for summer, most Mums and Dads still have work to get to in the morning! It’s really not fair.

So, yes, you’ve heard it too: “Mum! Dad! It’s not bedtime yet... it’s still light outside!”  And if you’ve been blinking awake with those 5am sunrises, we feel your pain! Plus, if you have small children who need an afternoon nap, those bright spells aren’t conducive to helping them get over.

What you need are blackout blinds or curtains and Harry Corry has a complete range to suit every room in the house –whether in the bedroom to aid sleep, or to make the most of your home cinema system and turn your lounge into an authentic night at the flicks!

Harry knows that blackout blinds and curtains don’t have to be boring and rather than being a stand out addition, they can blend in with and match your existing scheme:

Keeping the summer out!

•    These bright pink twilight lined curtains are perfect for a girl’s room and will also help to retain the heat in winter – making for a very cosy room all year round.

•    Choose from our range of blackout blinds to suit any room and existing décor – they’re also easy to fit so you can regulate the light without too much effort or having to change the look of the room.

•    This white blackout blind will work in any room and comes in the widest range of sizes to suit the largest windows- up to 240cm wide x 170cm high.

•    These biscuit blackout curtains will look great in your living room – letting you watch the TV without glare and making movie nights even more fun!

•    If you don’t want the expense of buying new curtains, these blackout linings are the perfect cost-effective solution.  

Bringing the summer in!

•    Summer not smelling like summer? Bring your senses alive with this delightful home scent - a truly tropical summer scent from Claremont & May will transport you to sunnier climes whatever the weather.

•    With its fresh white background and brilliantly bright blooms, this Esme bed in a bag is the perfect antidote to dull summer days.

•    Blue skies up ahead? Bring that blue to bed… We love this Carmen teal duvet set - particularly nice for snoozy summer afternoons with a paperback blockbuster!  And right now, you can pick up the single duvet size for half price – just £6.49!

•    When the sun shines, make the most of the light – filter it softly into your living or bed room with these lovely light Susa volie panels -easy to hang and making a subtle transformation in any room.

Better still, pop into any store and ask Harry’s expert advisors how you can make the most of the light – or not! – this summer! For special offers , news and competition follow Harry corry on Facebook.