Bathroom Inspiration

06 October 2015

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Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to get away for a spa weekend anytime you felt the urge? Don’t let the little practicalities stop you! Taking few simple steps can help your transform your bathroom in to a dreamy spa-like wonderland…

1. Nothing says luxury like a big, soft and fluffy towel. If you’re going to spend money on your bathroom, your towels would be the first place to start. A neutral coloured towel can go a long way to give your bathroom a spa-like feel and a bright coloured towel is a great way to add a splash of colour without committing to any new décor!


2. Have a scented candle at the ready for when you feel the need for a hot bubble bath. If candles aren’t your bag, why not have a diffuser with your favourite smell or potpourri giving your bathroom an appealing aroma all year round.


3. Give your bathroom guests something to look at and admire. This could be paintings, pictures or even vases and ornaments. These finishing touches will bring your bathroom to life and make it feel complete.


4. By adding a shower curtain to your bath will help create a barrier between your bathroom and the rest of the world which is idea when you really need to take a break from life and relax with your thoughts without any disturbances.


5. No one wants to see a messy bathroom. Keep your smellies organised by investing in some storage baskets or drawer units to put under the sink, or neatly stacked in the corner to avoid bath salts being thrown all over the floor or your bubble bath spilling!

6. Top Tip:  Add Statement wall art, a large oversized mirror or artificial plants, anything to give that WOW factor your bathroom deserves.