8 Gallery Wall Layouts

01 February 2016

Gallery Wall

Getting from a blank canvas to a stunningly beautiful gallery wall is never going to be a smooth journey. Once you have decided on the ideal picture frames for you, you then have the tricky task of planning the layout of your wall. 

To make this job as easy as possible and to ensure your pictures and photographs are shown at their best, we have illustrated our favourite layouts just for you:

(With any gallery wall, we recommend you use brown paper to trace and cut out the shapes of your frames or wall art to place on the wall so you can visualise the layout before making any solid commitments!)


Choose 2 large frames to display a couple of your favourite images and break them up with 2 smaller frames in the middle. This layout is ideal for any wall in your home!

Four smaller frames either side of one large centred frame will almost give the viewer a story to follow as their eyes leap from one frame to the next. Perfect for over the fireplace.

Don't fancy nailing anything to the wall? Why not display your picture frames on a shelf instead. This way you can always rearrange when ever you feel like a change!


Place a main centre image in a large frame with 4 smaller frames either side making a chain effect. This layout is perfect for the space above your fireplace or sofa.


Ideal for stair case gallery walls, this layout gradually slopes down your wall with a centred large frame. 


We image one main image in the large frame, with 3 smaller similar images in the little frames- think strip photos you get from a photo booth

Display your main image in a large, bold frame surrounded by 4 supporting images in smaller frames. Ideal for an area on your landing or a large feature wall.  


Have various miss matched frames? These can look great when placed together randomly on a wall, we recommend this layout is kept to general areas of your home such as hallways, staircase or landing. 

Top Tip: If you want to ovoid placing too many drill holes in your walls why not try out a Takker wall hanging kit? Each Takk can hold up to 12kgs, will only put a small 3mm wide hole in your wall and are easily removed!

Read more about Takker here.