6 Lamp Shades To Suit You

02 March 2016

Lamp Shade Blog

Picking the perfect shade for you is not always as straight forward as it sounds and a lot of people, understandably don’t give their choice of shade a second thought. There are plenty of shapes and styles out there to choose from and they can dramatically change a room’s ambience and atmosphere in a flick of a switch!

We have gathered 6 of our favourite and most popular style shades below to help you decide which is best suited to you:




Bell shades are normally found in traditional decor, and commonly made from a light, transparent fabric meaning, along with its curved shape, it can widely disperse light from either a ceiling rose or as a shade on a floor lamp. 


Usually found in modern or contemporary decor, a drum shade looks great when it is made from a detailed pattern such as our Urban Shade or textured fabric like our Tweed Shade range. A great way to add your own personal touch to your living space, they can look great on a table lamp too! 


 A ultra modern pendant shade, these Dome shades are great to use over dining tables or kitchen worktops as most of the light they admit shines directly downward and isn't going to spread too far!


The Square shade can be used in either contemporary or traditional decor. The shape of the shade means light is evenly dispersed in all directions filling up the room! Get this look with our Wave Shade or Downton Shade range. 



 The Tapered Drum shade is a take on the original drum shade, but with slightly sloped edges allowing the light to spread a little further. Tapered Drums shades can also be used in contemporary decor either on ceiling roses or even floor lamps and table lamps. Our Faux Satin Shade range offer 9 different colours of tapered drum shades to suit a variety of living spaces or why not check out our Heritage Shade range which offer matching table lamps!


Another take on the Drum shade, the cylinder shade is mostly used in modern decor. A way to spread the light further using this shade is to use a lighter or more transparent material, some shades even have cut out shapes to allow the light to filter through, why not check out our Goodnight Shade range.