5 Tips To Make Small Spaces Look BIGGER

10 June 2015

5 tips for small spaces







I Want To Be Alone


Using net curtains or voiles as room dividers is a perfect way to create different sections in a small room or studio apartment. The benefit of using net curtains and voiles is that they create the impression of walls without blocking out natural light. If privacy is what you are after, try using a lined voile or light curtain instead.

Bigger Is Always Better


Picture walls can sometimes look a little cluttered. By placing large pieces of art such as canvases and framed prints on your walls you can make any room feel more expansive. Mirrors also offer a fantastic way to create the impression of extra space in a small room or living area. For best results place a large mirror across from a window to double the amount of natural light.

United Colours Of Spacious Living


Use different tones of the same colour to decorate your small room or living area. This creates a feeling of visual unity that in turn makes an area feel more open. To achieve this try using the same colour for your walls, rugs and furniture. Or for a cheap and cheerful alternative try buying throws, cushions and ornaments in tones of the same colour.

Magic Carpet

Similar to our first tip, using different types of rugs offers a fantastic way to break up a living area or small room into different sections. Creating the illusion of space. This works especially well in studio apartments, but will have just as much of an impact in small bedrooms and living rooms.

Somewhere To Hang Your Hat


Have a small hallway or does your front door simply lead into your living area? Then over the door or flat coat hangers are a great way providing extra storage that doesn’t take up too much space. You could also use your coat hanger to hang decorative items from. One of my favourite ideas is to hang glass bottles from the hooks. Do this by twisting cord around their neck of the bottle and then place a single flower inside.

*Bonus Tips*

Show A Bit Of Leg


Pieces of furniture with exposed legs are key to making any small space seem bigger, as visually they appear to take up less space.

**Extra Special Bonus Tip**

Put A Ring On It


Short of wardrobe space? Placing shower curtain hooks on a skirt hanger allows you to hang extra lighter items such as vest tops, scarfs and underwear from the one hanger.