5 Tips for Creative Organizing

02 June 2015

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                               5 Tips For Creative Organising



We all have clutter traps around our home that make all our hard decorating work a waste of time. It can be the computer desk with wires poking out left right and centre or your kids tattered board games spilling out of the closet, to the console table covered in keys, change, envelopes, magazines etc. this list goes on and on. We came across some great creative ways of organising your clutter which you may ask yourself, ‘Why didn’t I think of that!’


1-      Kids Clutter

Every home has somewhere with board games and other boxed children’s items that over time weather and won’t sit on top of one another. This often leads to chaos, pieces slipping through the torn corner of the box and boxes beginning to lose their shape and collapsing when you try to stack.

You often find yourself stacking them away and inadvertently playing Jenga every time you need something from the bottom of the pile.

A great way around this is just getting rid of the boxes all together and storing them away in units with drawers. From here, you can label each drawer to its corresponding game and never have to deal with the mess of boxes and dodgy stacking.

We recommend the Stamford four drawer unit.


2-      Bits ‘n’ Pieces

Everyone leaves things around the house, from books, to laptops, tablets, DVD’s etc. This can become quite a pain for whoever is cleaning the house that day. They may not have the time to run up and down stairs and in and out of rooms putting things in their place.

The solution? Have an area in your home, ideally next to the stairs or in a safe place in a hallway, where you can place personal baskets for each family member. The idea here is that if you come across someone’s possession lying about somewhere just leave it in their basket and it becomes their responsibility to put it back where it belongs. Label each box so everyone has their own individual storage box.

We recommend the Stamford basket set of three.


3-      Desk Clutter

If you work from home or have a work area at home you will know all too well the pain of desk clutter. You often find yourself swamped with piles of paper, maybe things you have used once in your task and set to the side because you don’t have an immediate space around your.

Utilise all the space around you, with organised storage units. For example, a desk with space underneath could easily house some baskets where you can label them. This is ideal as it is in your immediate work area, and you will begin to have a flow and casually place each item where it belongs when you are finished with it.

We recommend the Stamford basket set of 2.


4-      Small Space Living

If your home has a small bathroom you will know all too well the pain of storing your bathroom products. An amazing way of getting the most out of your small space is using the available wall space. A great way of saving space is by fixing an arrangement of baskets to the wall plus it looks great. One basket on the wall can offer you’re the functionality of two shelves, one inside the basket and one on top of the basket, but then again this is entirely personal preference.


5-      Living Room Riot

This one is a little more obvious, using a storage stool in your living room can be a great way to put away those little things that build up to become a big problem.

storage stool can also be a great way of storing things discreetly out of the way of your little ones. Kids seem to have an amazing ability at hiding TV remotes, so our advice is, you hide them first!

We recommend a collapsible storage stool, which you can easily stow away when not needed.