5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Lighting For Your Home

04 September 2015

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5 tips for choosing the perfect lighting for your home


Great room lighting can quite literally light up your life. A change of lighting can make all the difference between…’Hey..this is a nice room’ and.. ‘Oh Wow, this room is magical!!’

Think about making a few changes to your lighting today so you can love your home a little bit more tomorrow.

1.       Purpose of the room:


Before you do anything, consider what is the purpose of the lighting in each room? You will need different light for different functions. For example in the in the kitchen or dining room you may use spotlighting  or an oversized pendant so you can really see what you’re doing whereas in the living room or bedroom a dimmer, more relaxing lighting may be more appropriate.

1.       Layers of light:


You will need different layers of lights depending on the purpose for the lighting. A central shade or pendant is great for general lighting, where as in the same room you may want to add mood lighting in the form of table lamps or wall lights to draw attention to a room feature, and finally bright task lighting is perfect if you need to read.

2.       Think about your décor:


When redecorating, it’s common for people to forget how the colour scheme can be incorporated with the lighting. If you have decided to go for darker walls and furniture, the level of lighting will need to increase to complement that. Add a couple more table lamps, or a light toned shade to distribute the light more effectively.



To add a softer effect by incorporating up-lighting rather than down-lighting. A stunning, statement floor lamp could give this effect effortlessly and when combined with a couple of table lamps will create a cosy atmosphere for the evening.

4.       Show some individuality!


And finally…show some of your own style and personality by fitting a quirky LED lamp, a classy pendant or even some fairy lights just for fun!