5 Student Essentials No Student Should Be Without

25 August 2015

5 essential items


One of the main parts of any student’s room is their bed. That’s why it’s so important to bring your own mattress protector and dress it with a comfy duvet and a beautiful duvet cover and bed sheets. And of course you can’t have a cozy duvet without a couple of soft, fluffy pillows to rest your head after a long and eventful days studying!



Although an essential to any home, a good pair of curtains can really brighten up a student room. Choose lightweight curtains that will let in natural light and a bright, bold colour to liven up the space. Curtains can not only be used to block unwanted light preventing that precious lie in, they can also be used to separate rooms, adding privacy where needed and giving a sense of space.



Obviously, a throw is going to be useful as an extra blanket on cold winter months, or as something to snuggle up to in front of the TV but a throw can also be great to add some vital colour to bedrooms or living space whether its draped over part of the sofa or folded across the end of the bed.



Fluffy soft cushions will always be a necessary item for any student. Let’s face it, your bed is likely to be doubling up as a sofa so it’s always handy to have some extra cushions to prop yourself up and get comfortable.


Towels and Bath Mats:  

Not only a student essential, everyone deserves the luxury of a soft towel after a hot bubble bath. A few additional touches, like a colourful bath mat or stylish shower curtain can make your bathroom feel more homely.

Top Tip: Why not get a few different sized baskets to organise your towels and other bathroom essentials to save some important space!