5 Creative Uses For Tension Rods

12 May 2015

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Tuesday Tips: 5 Creative Uses for Tension Rods


Call me crazy, but tension rods are more versatile than you think. This simple product has more uses than a Swiss army knife, in fact, let’s call it the Swiss army knife of your home. These products are low price and easily placed due to the spring mechanism that allows you to place to size in whatever awkward crevice you want to put it, be it a window or an alcove. Today I look at what else we can do with this little wonder.

In The Cupboard

I sometimes find that the cupboard I keep my trays, dishes, pot lids etc. can become overcrowded and unbalanced, finding myself on the flooring picking everything up after they have tried their great escape, when I only reached in for the cookie tray! Use tension rods to separate each of these items and save the clutter and mess of the dreaded tray cupboard. This is great because it gives you the opportunity to arrange these vertically when they won’t stack flat, removing the need to take everything out when you only need one item.


For The Indoor Gardener

Use the tension rod on the centre of a window that gets regular sun light and hang small plant pots. Not only is this perfect for your sun loving greens but adds a stylish and natural look.


Under The Sink

Use the rod under the sink to hang spray bottle cleaning supplies. What is the benefit you ask? Well, you will have your products lined up neatly, and up higher, giving you extra room for other products and items underneath.


For The High Heel Addict

Any shoe lover will know the clutter built up over the years from every pair that you ‘just can’t bear to throw away’. Arrange a set of tension rods in a ladder formation in another one of those ‘unusable spaces’ to create a storage system for your heeled shoes. Just simply hang the shoes in pairs and gaze at your marvellous space saving creation. It still doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy more shoes.


Open Storage

Have an awkward gap between a wall and a wardrobe? Fear no more, use tension rods in this gap and give yourself a whole new space for hanging your clothes. From now on there is no such thing as unusable space.


The tension rod is one of those things that offers an endless amount of possibilities while remaining inexpensive. We wonder what else we have lying around that could be just as versatile.