5 Tips For A Warm & Cosy Home

03 November 2015

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As the nights are getting colder we have 5 tips to make your home cosier…

Ensure you are using thick, lined Curtains & door curtains

As there is so much heat lost through our windows during the cold seasons, it is vital that you are using a pair of thick, lined curtains to try and keep as much of the heat in as possible! You could even think about using door curtains to prevent any further heat loss though the front door.


Cover Bare Floor Boards:

Wooden floors are not only very nippy on bare feet but heat can also be lost through them. We recommend covering a bare wooden floor with a rug to help cling on to that vital heat! Rugs can add a splash of colour too!


Start to use draught excluders:

There is nothing worse that relaxing on the sofa one evening and continually getting shivers from a pesky draught coming through the gap under the door. A door draught excluder can help keep the chills away and keep your warm and snug. (Our Xmas draught excluders also come with matching Xmas cushions!)


Let the Sunshine Through:

As important as it is to keep your curtains closed at night time, it is as of equal importance to keep them open during the day. Use curtain tie backs or curtain hold backs to let as much of the suns natural heat in as possible to warm up your house while you’re away so you can come back to a warm home in the afternoon.


Switch to a heavy Tog duvet and flannelette sheets:

Why make the rest of the house warm and cosy if your bed isn’t? Switching to a duvet with a heavy tog rating can ensure your dreamy night’s sleep isn’t disturbed by the crisp temperatures outside, using a flannelette duvet or fleecy mattress protector can help too, however you may find yourself struggling to get out of bed in the morning!